Audiophiles Engineering

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The owner of this custom car audio shop located in the Carrollwood area of Tampa, FL required a website that could easily function with great optimization for search engines with new content added and could increase his online sales using an online store.

The first part was to integrate his design with WordPress and include a self-teaching SEO program to include the proper keywords in the meta and title tags of the posts for proper crawling by Google bots. We then integrated Woocommerce and the main theme elements to create a streamlined shop that automatically posts products, quantities, and shipping values to AudioEngin’s car audio eBay site.

The final product is a very easy to navigate, clean theme, that brings the user’s attention to the correct areas such as the pictures of completed products and build facts and highlights on the front page. The modules¬†of the highlighted items are pre-loaded so users don’t have to wait for loading to occur during navigation.

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