Seventh Avenue – E-Commerce Funnel

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Seventh Avenue Apothecary – E-Commerce Funnel

Building an e-commerce funnel from scratch can be a slow, difficult process that often requires years of experience to know the proper techniques and standards. Seventh Avenue Apothecary already had a successful wholesale business and needed to increase sales throughout the USA using a brand new e-commerce sales funnel.

The makings of a good e-commerce funnel is the following:

  1. A really good website with good “calls to action” and an easy layout to navigate.
  2. Proper incentives for users to complete their checkout (pop-ups, offers, discounts, etc.)
  3. Ads to promote traffic.
  4. Influencers to promote traffic.
  5. Remarketing & Retargeting Ads to reinforce calls to action.
  6. Cold Ads to bring in new customers.
  7. Last, but certainly not least: Well planned sales! People buy during sales!

Observe the graph of the first 6 months of sales:

E-Commerce Sales Funnel Statistics

Seventh Avenue Apothecary’s first 6 months of sales in 2018.

Notice that the sales steadily rise until May and then there is a dip in June. Do you know why? There were no holidays that people associate with sales in June. Throughout the year there are common holidays that online shoppers know will result in discounts for them. May has Mother’s Day and July has Independence Day but June does not have any holidays of note. To overcome this and still continue making sales, PartPixel Marketing creatives will suggest sales such as a “Summer Sale” or the promoting of summer products in Facebook and Instagram ads and posts.

Overall we were able to deliver continued growth for this e-commerce store.

View the website here: and use the code PartPixel for 15% off your order!


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