Doctor’s Office: Orlando Dermatology Center

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Web Design, SEO, & Targeted Ads


Orlando Dermatology Center has two locations in the suburbs of Orlando, FL: one in Oviedo and another in Waterford Lakes. The website had to be redesigned to account for the second location with new SEO rules and preparations for targeted marketing.

Visit the Website:

After the website was finished we started on SEO, local Search Engine Optimization, and reputation management through Google+, Facebook, and Yelp. A number of researched and properly written content pages were added to increase keyword visibility. This brought the Orlando Dermatology Center to #2 on organic search for a number of keywords. The important of well-written and maintained SEO is key to the website’s success to stay on the front page of Google.

The final part of the project was to prepare creatives for targeted marketing through Google Adwords. The ads were run using targeted demographics of location, time and days of the week, and keyword tested markets. The following is includes the static banners for targeted advertising:


Following the creation and running of the ads, our PPC (pay per click) management team narrowed down times, areas, dates, and keywords to create a very efficient program which brought up user interaction by about 1400 users per month with new users being converted into paying patients daily. The following is a graph of user activity on the website, it is quite obvious when PartPixel’s SEO & targeted advertising campaign started to provide results.


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