Heidi’s Hidden Closet

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Women’s Clothing & Accessories E-Commerce Store

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Selling online clothing is not only about providing well-styled items for the correct value online. When create an e-commerce store online for an industry as competitive as women’s apparel, its important to stand out in design and to provide an interface that is easy to navigate. Heidi’s Hidden Closet works differently on desktops, tablets, and phones to provide the easiest possible option for buying items online. The payment system, powered by Stripe (with a PayPal option also), allows users to save their information for further purchases through the system.

The most important aspect of the design is the ability for the store owner to add/edit their inventory. This is done through the WordPress backend CMS system with WooCommerce. The owner can easily add items, calculate shipping costs, track inventory, add coupons, and provide discounted deals all without the help of a web design team. This ease of use keeps the business running smoothly even during high traffic buyouts.

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