High Traffic Blog: Miracle Mann

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High Traffic Blogging- MiracleMann.com

Blogging is about getting your story to as many people as possible. Our goal was to make sure that Evelyn Mann, author of A Miracle in My Living Room had the online platform to share her life experience as a special needs mother. To get more pre-release attention for her book, Evelyn decided to start her own blog which quickly grew to a high traffic site with many users bringing their ideas and feedback on Evelyn’s weekly articles.

The blog runs on the WordPress platform and is custom made to help Evelyn start her brand. The blog includes analytics so users, views, and returning readers can be counted to help find insights on how to blog better. Any high traffic blog needs the proper way to analyze who a writer’s target audience is to better allow them to understand who they are helping what life experiences or opinions can be shared to help and interest readers.

View the blog here: MiracleMann.com

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