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Vitamin Dermal Patches

Web Design – Graphic Design – Product Packaging


Nutriband™ is a health and wellness company that provides nutritional products in the form of vitamin dermal patches. The company came to PartPixel for a custom website, graphics, and product packaging for their dermal patches. The project included work with many programs and partners to complete a properly designed product packaging.

Phase 1: Website Design

The first step was to design an e-commerce website to properly sell Nutriband™ products online through Stripe pay and PayPal (optional). The design included the purchasing of photography from reputable sources and digitally modifying the images to fit the company standard. The design is based on industry standard practices of simplicity in fitness website designs as well as ease-of-use when finding links. The store is powered by Stripe pay which is embedded into the website but also does not hold sensitive information on the server, minimizing risk. PartPixel also add SSL encryption to help secure the online store.


Phase 2: Product Packaging


The product packaging for Nutriband’s dermal patches was three-fold. Each kind of patch was to be housed in three different styles of packaging: single packs, five packs, and a thirty pack box for counter displays. The goal was simple: STAND OUT. PartPixel’s team started by researching the market and hiring store visits to document current counter displays and comparing competitors packaging to current designs. The end result was a colorful and unique packaging that is sure to gain the attention of potential customers.




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