SEO – The Keys To Building A Successful Online Business

If you are new to internet marketing, then no doubt, you have quickly become tired of all the hype and lies online. I know this, because I have been online for over 5 years now. I have seen it all and even bought into a few so called, experts and their secret sauce formula on how to make money online. What I discovered, is most of the information from these so called guru’s, is just smoke and mirrors. They give you just enough information, to wet your appetite, but never enough to fully answer the question – how do you make real money online?

Now, if you have been plagued by this same dilemma and are worn out from jumping from 1 online deal to another, then pay attention here for just a minute, as I give you a straight up approach on how to build a solid business online. More importantly, I want to show you, how to protect your online assets from the whims of the search engines and simply wiping out your rankings with a click of a button.

Why am I telling you this? Because it just happened to 2 of my sites that had all unique quality content period. Now, I am still getting the sites cached regularly, so it could be just a hiccup for a few weeks. But’s it still a wake up call for me, but more importantly, I hope you never experience this. If this has or ever does happen, by branding yourself first, you will protect yourself from loosing all of your income overnight.

This leads me into the main focus of today’s topic – branding yourself. Back when I started out online, I used MySpace and bought Max Steingart’s course on relationship marketing. At the time, I had always knew the power in building rapport with people, however, I never fully appreciated it from the online perspective. You see, I didn’t know anything about internet marketing and all the technical skills that I would have to learn, like building a WordPress Blog, setting up FTP, writing keyword rich and focused articles etc.

Fast forward 5 years and much has changed online in terms of technology. What has not changed, is the power and importance of branding yourself and your business. Just look at a couple of examples of what I mean here, like Amazon and Sears. If you were looking to buy something online, most people think about Amazon instantly. Why do you think that is the case? Its because they have done a spectacular job of marketing their business as the place to buy products at the best prices. As well, look at long term established companies like, Sears. They are a brick and mortar business, that really only recently tapped into the power of the online world.

The main point to take away from today’s article here is the following. Those 2 companies, and millions of other companies around the world, don’t worry about the whims of the search engines coming along and de-indexing their sites etc. I am sure Google and the other search engines won’t do that, unless they do some stupid things online in terms of promotion. However, because they built up their reputation or branding, they are essentially immune to the fluctuations of the search engines. Even the mighty Amazon online, has built up so many regular customers, they could still continue making billions of dollars per year. Although, I am sure they like the fact, that they rank for hundreds of thousands of keywords online.

When it comes to promoting a business and trying to decide what you should promote, promote yourself first and foremost. People do business with real people. You don’t have to hide behind some privacy Whois data. If you market yourself and have some unique skills for people, you will have business no matter what happens in organic searches. In other words, you will continue to make money. If you also rank on the front pages of Google and the other search engines, that is simply icing on the cake.

I have been trying to figure out a so called angle to this new website of mine and what fancy headers I would add, however, I have decided to focus on the content and let that be the driving force of this website. I prefer actually clean looking and professional sites. I don’t need all kinds of bells and whistles. That only distracts people from the main focus, the content that I am writing and providing on this website. I want to ensure that my readers come away, with a some little golden nugget that will help them in the online journey.